31 January 2012

A Day with a Lovely Friend......♥

 My best friend from high school came to visit me, she had moved out of town almost 5 years ago, 
I was so happy to see her! We were shocked to see how we both had changed, how he had become more shy, than she usually was, and how I had become more talkative, than I usually was.
We went to the museum, the park & did some shopping!
I wish she can come again to visit, miss her a lot

 Unfortunately the fountain at the park was frozen....brr so cold! I like this cute little bush:

 The somewhat wall of the park, I like how it looks, but, I think it would've been lovelier in spring, with lots of flowers, & my favourite roses! I love roses.

Outside the park, near the river was this creepy gate, kind of like taking pictures of it though, the construction people were breaking down the house, I wonder how old it was. There are pretty old buildings in my town, lets just say, I like History (^-^ ). Even though, visiting some of these places creeps me out, it gives me peace of mind as well.

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