3 January 2012

A Day Of Adventure & Surprise! ♥

  Hi, Just wanted to share what I've been upto.
  Two days off, Tuesdays & Wednesdays are the best part of my weeks. I only get   those  two days off, so I try & accomplish everything I can during those 48 hrs.
  Today I spent my time :
-chatting with my lovely friend/sister Alice ♥ in the morning, which was surprising, exciting & wonderful!  It was so lovely to be able to talk to her, face to face, but, I just  couldn't stop being shy & smiling!
-tried to sew, photograph, & do a bit of reading, drawing/painting.
-watching/trying out tons of Dramas, multicultural Movies, the Secret Garden Movie.
-entered ToFebruary's New Year 2012 Contest.
-adding new products on my Etsy store.
-trying to tidy my room (fail!)  (--__--)
-browsed more about cute Japan websites & places to tour around the world.

Here are a few Trims & Laces that I bought/collected last year. The white lace would be perfect to make a wristcuff, so elegant, Classic Lolita style (^-^ )

Fabricland was having a 40-50% Off Boxing Week Sale last week, even though I promised not to spend money, I did. Thanks goodness I spent money on something constructive once in a while, hehe. I keep spending money on unnecessary, cute things.
The rose & velvet fabrics are my favourite ones, the peachy silk fabric, was something I had with me for a while. Maybe I could make a dress with a cute bow, as soon as I get back into sewing. I hope to sew a small cape using the velvet fabric.
I haven't sewn in 2 years, since my Fashion Class at high school.
I hope to sew some Classic Lolita style clothing.

The pink velvet trim would look so good with that pink rose fabric,same with the red ones! I love crafts, arts, sewing, painting, photography, wish there was 1 career that would combine all those together, would be fun do those as my job.
I just hope to find more rose fabric patterns ...it's my absolut favourrite! A pattern with roses & bows would be so cute!

Storage box for my handmade items for my Etsy Shop:
 My Art/Craft Case. The pink area that you see on the top, those are all headbands that I created, wrapped in pink tissue paper, as I'm too clumsy to damage them. The box that you can see on the right is actually a jewelry box, it's too full, I need to stop buying cute jewelry, & sparkly things, hehe....just hope this New Year's resolution is not broken too soon!

Wesbsites I recently found & love:
Good photography Blog:

Newly found Cute Websites :

My sewing would be inspired by these:
Lace Cape: http://www.qutieland.com/product.php?id=1168

Victorian Maiden  Classic Lolita Brand

I hope to make good use of my time tommorrow, would probably meet up with some of my college friends, friends & family always brighten up my day. I turn 21 next Sunday, 8th Jan'12....time passes by too soon, doesn't it?

Hope you're all having a lovely day!

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