4 January 2012

♥ My First Classic Lolita Dress! ♥

Over the past  two days, I renovated a plain beige dress with lace & a bow, from my hair clip (that I rearely wear). I think the colour combination makes it look so cute! It's definitely Classic Lolita inspired, can't to wear it with lace tights, would look so kawaii!! Although a bit scared to ruin the lace. I also have been loving roses, a lot.

It would look good with a long sleeve shirt too!

I hope to get better at sewing, can't wait to create more! Hope this will stop my urge to shop for frilly, lacey, cute clothing... (--__--) 

Anyways, have to go back to work tommorrow....I won't have much time to relax or blog. I hope you're not stressed, workload is such a headache. Wish life was simpler!
I wish for my next weekend to come soon, so that I can sew more. I love Classic Lolita Style! Hope you're all well, speak soon- Yen

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