3 January 2012

♥ My Newly Decorated Room Tour ♥

Gommenasai...sorry for not blogging for awhile...been so busy & stressed with work...just wanted to share my newly decorated room...it just needs some rose-floral curtains ♥ that I cannot seem to find anywhere (--__--)
 On my windowsill:
A picture of me & my sister, sorry, I blacked it out for privacy.
Angels & cherubs are so lovely! I ♥ them to bits...hehe

And a mini teacup & vintage heart box from a vintage store, how cute! ♥

A cute piggy Nohohon Zoku, it keeps reminding me of You're Beautiful K-Drama.

An oil painting by me, from last year, I haven't had the time to paint in a long while!
It's inspired by churches, gothic style, heaven, peace & dreams....I just love how dreamy it looks. I think I painted the grass too green, & the sky too blue, I have to stop overpainting...it usually spoils my works. (---__---)

I love the autumn season! That frame is so gorgeous! Victorian inspired ♥

 My Bedside Table:
The pink pot & pink box you see, are made of wood, bought them from the Dollar Store, then I painted & decorated them myself, it was quite fun! 
Although, I really dislike the smell of paint (--__--) 
The small Lamppost you see lights up, I usually lit it at night, the sparkly blue book at the back shimmers, & makes me feel cozy! Since winter is here in Canada, it's good to feel cozy & warm. My bears help me keep warm as well.

The pink roses are so cute! They're from the Dollar Store as well, just $1.00 each!
I'm glad I'm saving money in a way...hehe. Those roses remind me of something I saw at a cute Japanese store website...that was adorable!
I painted & decorated this box, the big pink roses you see on it are actually wall decals that I bought from the Dollar Store, as well. I doubt I would ever be able to paint roses that way....my art skills are not that good
The bottom of the box

Inside the box, I decorated it with a little sparkly heart & rose, & I took Chi's basket, from the Chi (Chobits) keychain I have, I hope Chi doesn't mind, hehe. I store some of my jewelry here.
The book you see at the botom, where the cute girl is, is actually a photo album
It contains my childhood pictures. After travelling all the way from India to Canada 5 years ago, I seem to have lost many memorable pictures that I would love to see again. A reminder of childhood is always wonderful to have......to cherish & treasure.
This book is the Nutcracker: Illustrations by-Jan Pienkowski
I got it on Boxing Week Sales 2010 for $2.00, regular price $34.99...couldn't pass it up!
The artwork is so intricate & sparkly, I love it so much! I wish I were able to make pop out art with paper, I am unable to evern cut paper straight. (--__--)
So magical & dreamy! I am not very good at writing stories, 
I have a hard time using complex & descriptive words.
Everyone is good at something ♥
My room is untidy (--__--) As usual, trying to keep it always tidy, is impossible

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