29 August 2012

Trip to San Francisco, July 2012 ♥

Last month, I went on a one day trip to San Franscisco, visited lovely places and bought lovely items from Japantown
SF Opera House
San Francisco bay
The Palace of Fine Arts
Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Oops didn't read the No Photo sign, sales person, threw a fit, how rude, well sorry, maybe make huge posters of no pictures!
Purchases from Japantown:
BTSSB Lace Parasol
Jp Candy & Light Pink Lip Gloss
Japanese Utensils & Fan 

28 August 2012

My Monthly Favourites, August ( ♥-♥ ) Pic Heavy!

My August Monthly Favourites ( ♥-♥ )
Home Decor
Printed Storage Boxes

Rose Teacup & Saucer

My Room's Curtain, Roses & Vines


Fairies, Union Jack, Peach Coloured Roses

Gothic Roses

London Cushion 
Yummy Treats after hard work at my job.
Coconut Macaroons
Ferrero Rocher Collection
Shitake Mushroons + Kimchi Yum!!!
Good for the digestive system:
Soy Nuts
Activia Probiotic Yogurt
Wasabi Peas
PC Moroccan Mint Green Tea
PC Moroccan-Style Mint Green Tea
PC Mint Chocolate Ice cream
I love sour things. Savoury additions to my meals:
S&F Chili Garlic Sauce
Mango Pickle
Mei Sama no Shitsuji
I love this show, the butler, Rihito, Hiro Mizushima, is so cute!!! The chemisty and plot is so romantic!!! I love Japanese Dramas, that have a ton of romance! His eyes are so dreamy!!
Unfortunately, he quit acting to become a writer (--__--) So I'm trying to watch all of his shows before they dissappear from the internet. I don't know why I didn't discover this drama before, I love dramas with boarding school romance.
Teri Meri Love Stories Episode 2
Basically, it's an Indian telelfilm about couples & their love stories, this was the only episode I liked so far, I liked the plot of this episode, it showed lost love, hope, guilt, and how we should deal with it.
Sab Mera Tu: Teri Meri Love Stories

Bubzbeauty's cute puppy!!


16 August 2012

Japan Shopping Wishlist

Hi everyone,
When I go to Japan, hopefully, soon, I hope to buy some stuff like these:
P.S Took me half a day to put this together, computer kept freezing, grr
But, looking at it makes me happy  (^-^ _) Reminds mee to save lots of money & Pack suitcases wisely, lol
 I love chiffon and florals, especially roses, unfortunately American style isn't as cute as Japanese style, so I find it hard to get cute clothes. Very picky, lol. Japan will surely be heaven for me.

I haven't been able to find elegant & kawaii coats like these in my hometown, since I'm petite, I tryy and buy what would actually fit me, so online shopping is X really want a cute coat!

I have been loving burgundy, beige, navy, baby pink, baby blue, since forever, it's just so kawaii!!!!
Thanks for reading!

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