23 February 2014

Frozen Beach ♥ Erieau

I had a day out (after a long time > <) with my lovely co-worker friend, whom I nicknamed Spaghetti. She, her granddaughter & I  went shopping and to Erieau beach, it was a cold icy and snowy walk from the car to the beach, but worth it! I was amazed to see that the beach was frozen, one of frozen waves looked like a cliff, 
I quickly snapped pictures, and stared, it was really cold, I had never seen anything like it, the sun above made it look even more beautiful, I was happy that I was able to experience a wintery sun at a beach, that I always saw in dramas/movies. I had always wanted to go to a place like that once. 
I would like to share some pictures of this lovely day:
While they were walking, I managed to get a really cute shot, 
I really love this photo, it looks dramatic =)

Thanks for reading!

I Love Japan: 1) Traditional Items

I love traditional Japanese items, especially the ones with sakura or flowers on them.
I find that the patterns are very beautiful! I would love to buy some when I go to visit Japan, hopefully soon!
Here are tons of inspirational photos that I would like to share:
liz Lisa Scans Credit: Zeruda