8 January 2012

♥ 21st Birthday Wishes ♥

Today is my birthday, I can't believe another year of my life has completed, I still wish I was a kid, I miss my childhood of innocence & worry less days!
It was so cute & ♥ thoughtful for my sister to make this card for me!
My mom gave me two lovely dresses & black tights, I ♥ it! They're both so sparkly! 
I love glittery things, thanks mommy ♥

Same style dress, in red colour. Looks so Christmasy!

I work today (--__--) Hoping to celebrate my birthday this weekend, Tues-Wednesday
I hope to save up to travel to Japan, & then UK, it's so hard to get vacation days off at work, I may get vacation days next year, I just hope to live life, travel as much as I can, as long as I am young, & adventurous. I hope to save up to buy a High Def. Camcorder to record my travel, I want to keep all my travelling days as a good memory! ♥

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