4 August 2013

Yesasia Magazine Haul & Review

7th-10th July, I placed an order of $30 for 3 Japanese magazines at yesasia.com, I always wanted to own Japanese magazine but never could fin it in Canada and online stores seemed like a scam, finally I found yesasia that carried them. I also placed the order as they were having a free Shipping offer if you spent $25. and a coupon for new customers, $3 off.
12th July, items were shipped 

After waiting impatiently for 2 weeks, on 22nd July, the magazines arrived at my door, I was extremely excited and opened them on my way to work. 
The best part was that I wasn't charged any customs fees because they were smart enough to declare the value as $18 not $30.
I was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful print of the magazines, and at how well they were bubble wrapped and shipped safely in a cardboard box.
Cute pictures in Larme Vol. 4
SODA Entertainment Magazine- Miaura Haruma - cute~!
 Nagoya Girl July 2013 Issue - It has so many cute fashion snaps, I love Japanese magazines, they're interesting and cute! I was kinda disappointed at how thin this magazine was, and wasn't worth $10. 

 I also dislike the fact that most magazines were 400-600yen, and I had to pay double the price to get them. I don't think it was wise of me to buy three magazines for about $10 each, I will get bored with them soon. I really need to stop spending money, I have loads of cute stuff at my home that I never even use.
Oh well.
Thanks for reading ( ^ ^ )