22 April 2017

JCCC Toronto Haru Matsuri/Hinamatsuri (Japanese Spring Festival)

4th March 2017: For years I had been wanting to go to this annual Japanese Spring Festival hosted by the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in North York, Toronto, Canada. But every year I was either working or forgot about it. Luckily this year I was able to go with my sister to experience this cultural festival. We took the 6am train to Toronto, the winter sunrise was beautiful. Thank God it wasn't too cold.

After taking the subway to Eglinton station and the bus we arrived at the venue. We arrived half an hour early and by the time it was 12pm, the queue for the tickets was very crowded. Right in the front of the hallway was a huge display of Hinamatsuri dolls. I really liked the hanging chirimen dolls and the lantern with delicate cherry blossom flowers painted on it.

We had lunch in the food court after that, the food wasn't the greatest, everything seemed cold. The food court was very crowded. There were some kind people who gave up their seats for us.
I really wanted to try on a kimono after that so went to search for the place where they could dress me up. On the way we saw anime displays and a really beautiful ancient Japanese town miniature, I thought it was adorable and took many pictures.


The choices of kimonos I could try were very limited, most of them weren't my style. I had no choice but to pick one that I liked but was too long for me ( >-< ) Then I tried on this gorgeous kimono, the lady was having a lot of problems putting it on me as it was very long, after a long wait I finally got dressed up (>^-^<) I had also brought a beautiful hair clip from 
Then we went to see the dance, taiko performances, kendo, and some shopping.

Tons of beautiful yukata/kimonos on sale-

Japanese Tea Ceremony and a girl in a beautiful kimono 

A few things that I bought at the festival -

I really like the design of this furoshiki; cherry blossoms and Mt.Fuji
Overall it was an so so event, I think it would better if there were more activities that authentic Japanese festivals have and more shops.
Thanks for reading.