25 October 2014

Current Favourite Snacks

Yummy Matcha Custard Mochi that I picked up from "Jouvencelle Oike Kyoto" at Kyoto station during my Japan trip. It's the most delicious mochi, not too sweet and not too bitter,soft and yummy! I stromgly recommend trying it
I miss the yummy Sweet Potato Cake {スイートポテトケーキ} & Mango Shake from "Caffe Veloce"{カフェ・ベローチェin Meguro, when I stayed at Hotel Mid-in Meguro Ekimae in Tokyo. I can't find any sweet potato cake where I live, I guess sweet potato is not so popular in Canada =( The sweet potato cake was so good! I hope to go back to Japan soon, I really miss being there!

Second favourite is "Royce Matcha Almond Chocolate." It's not too sweet and has a pleasant matcha taste,yummy! Could crunch them all day.  
I picked them up at Haneda Airport before leaving Japan =(
My another favourite snack is "Nori Senbei" from 711 convenience store in Japan, it's salty and I am a big fan of seaweed, it's a yummy snack!
I should've bought more snacks when I was in Japan, they were all so yummy that I finished them in one week!
Thanks for reading! I miss Japan so much! {>__<}

3 October 2014

Back From a Trip to Japan

Hello Dear Readers
I'm back from a 9 day trip from Japan. I had a lovely time exploring Kyoto, and Osaka, Kamakura & Tokyo. My favourite city was Kyoto , it was very beautiful, surrounded by hills, rivers, & temples, I wish I could've planned to stay there more, well, there's always a next time! I couldn't visit as many places as I wanted to this time, but I hope I can, next time.
Most people were friendly & helpful whenever we had trouble with directions. A girl took the trouble of walking me to a restaurant we were looking for, and was friendly,asking me where I was from,why I was there. Twice, two shopkeepers left their counter to help me with directions. I hardly see such politeness, kindness in Canada, which is sad, cause I have to live here for the rest of my life!
I have loads of pictures to share, it took me a while to choose from 743 pictures that I took there!:
After landing in Tokyo, we stayed at a hotel near Shinagawa station, but couldn't sleep because of the constant train noise. Next day, we went to a shrine & went to Kyoto via Nozomi 218 Shinkansen. The train station was extremely busy in the morning, as people were heading for schools & offices.

First day in Kyoto, we went for a walk and visited random temples & shrines.
At the shrine, I sat under a tree, it was very peaceful & I forgot all my worries, so relaxing!
The breeze was cool & refreshing, and there were some pretty flowers around the shrine.

On the way back to the hotel
Foggy & cloudy day, I loved te mystical view, but didn't like the idea that it would rain,
On the way to Kiyomizu Dera Temple

As we walked through the steep street lined with shops it was bustling

 with school kids & tourists
Spotted girls in Kimonos
View from Kiyomizu Dera Temple, school kids with cute yellow hats.
Hills viewed from Kiyomizu dera, autumn on the way, I wish to see this place during peak . Thank God, it only drizzled a bit then stopped 

I shopped  nearby, before & after going to Kiyomizu,  so many souvenirs to choose from! 
I spent hours shopping. while my dad waited patiently. I felt bad about that.

Yatsuhashi 'Otabe' Kyoto traditional sweets store  
I love her bowing head, it looks elegant & real 
Matcha icecream break
Totoro store, they were playing 'Always with me' from Spirited Away, it really suited the atmosphere, I was lost in this cute Ghibli world for awhile, bought two folders. 
🍁Autumn decoration at Ghibli store🍁

Walking back to the hotel, so tired 

Traditional Rickshaw in Kyoto

A glimpse of Kyoto tower
A Beautiful Sunrise, everyday in Kyoto was a dreamy heavenly day.
We stayed at Sunroute Hotel in Kyoto, easy access to bus, the bus was always busy. the hotel had the most amazing view of the hills, & I was lucky to view the beautiful river, & sunset. I fell in love with the city! Panorama picture of sunrise at 6:00a.m
On the way to Nanzenji Temple
Eikando Temple, unfortunately it was closed, so we just took a look outside >-<
🍁Some Early Autumn colours in Kyoto 🍁

Nanzenji Temple, Viaduct
🍁On the way back to find a bus stop to go to Kyoto station, cute Japanese home 🍁

Yummy Ume-plum Juice from vending machine

Beautiful Red Lanterns lit at sunset at Yasaka Shrine

On the way to explore across the bridge - Shijo Kawaramachi
Small shrine at Yasaka Jinja
 Sunset at Yasaka shrine

Enchanting Lanterns - always wanted to see them lit up!

Minami-za Kabuki Theatre 

I don't plan on visiting Osaka again cause it was a boring, disappointing trip, I was looking forward to seeing the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but they gave me a timed entry ticket of 7:20pm, I couldn't wait for 4 hours! That was ridiculous, & they also took a total of  $120 in admission fees for me & my dad. I would never go to Universal Studios Japan again, it was areal waste of time, money & energy! Tokyo was too crowded for my taste, I would only go there for a day for shopping.
Off to Tokyo -Mt. Fuji viewed from the Shinkansen
We took the Shinkansen, it was expensive, but saved us time, sadly we only had 4 days left. We stayed in Meguro, in Tokyo, near the hotel, there was a cafe that sold yummy sandwiches, sweet potato cake & mango juice, we went there everyday for breakfast. Also, one of the servers was ikemen! So handsome, polite & cute!
Sanrio Puroland!
 Cuteness Overload!
My Precious Cinnamoroll!
 Adorable doll, did not buy, expensive, $40
 Tried to win PomPom Purin plush, failed, tried 20 times, really wanted it, wasted money {>-<}
Fairland in Puroland
My favourite chair, with angel wings {see centre}

 Enoden Train at Kamakura Station
View of Yuigahama Beach from Jojuin Temple {Beach from drama Boku no  Ita Jikan}
I hope to visit this temple in spring, lovely hydrangeas bloom here!

Beautiful blue flowers on the way back to Gokurakuji Station

It was our second last day {>_< } in Japan, we only had time to visit Kōtoku-in, I really wanted to see Hasedera & Enoshima, but I guess it will have to be next time, as I had wanted to save some time for shopping.
🍁Cute Autumn decor at Shinagawa Station🍁
🍁Lovely Autumn theme at EDO MARKET at Haneda Airport🍁

Before departing, I had the best salmon, fish eggs & avocado roll at the airport, I had two servings & the servers thanked me when I went the second time, hehe, couldn't resist, was so yummy! I think my appetite has gotten bigger since visiting Japan. I miss Japan, the people, the food, the peach & mango tea, yumm, everything! I hope to go visit again! I bought a lot of stuff in Kyoto, Harajuku & Sunshine City, a LizLisa skirt, Sanrio goodies & snacks. I hope to visit Japan again in the next few years. I have post vacation blues, & I really wish time went slowly, I don't look forward to going to work next week. The only things I really hated were my sore neck & shoulder, & the long travel time. It's 3:00am & I can't sleep,slowly trying to get over jet lag. 
 I hope to visit Japan again in a few years, keeping my fingers crossed. image