7 February 2012

My Handmade Classic Lolita Mini-Hats ♥

Hi everyone, I am feeling unwell, & bored. I have to say, I'm getting more interested in crafts.
So, today I attempted on making mini hats. I just think they're really cute hair accessories, elegant & wonderful to compliment Classic Lolita style on anyone.
I used this video tutorial, of one of my favourite Youtubers from Germany,'Fille de Porcelaine', 
she is a Lolita fashion lover too. I love her style & creativity.
So here is my 1st attempt, it was kind of bad, Kind of uneven...I also couldn't think of any way to decorate it, maybe some idea will pop up in my mind later
This is my 2nd attempt,yay! I was so happy with it! I was really excited to decorate it after I made it into a cute little hat. Lace, ribbons, flowers, bows, pearls, all made it so cute!

I haven't been feeling well, sore throat & cold, so that was all for today, unfortunately.
I hope to make more mini hats, & DIY Crafts next weekend!
Thanks for reading

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