15 May 2013

Viewing Sakura

On May 7th, I had a day off, and I was really excited to travel alone, to see cherry blossoms (Sakura) in a huge park in Toronto, the only thing I hated about this trip was I that I was wasting a lot of time in travelling, rather than taking things slowly. I was so tired of waiting & walking, but, it was worth it. Here are pictures from my trip, I am glad I visited the park that day, because, sakura petals were falling off, and are gone now!
 I felt lucky to see sakura petals falling with the cool spring breeze, ever since I started watching Japanese tv shows, I had always wanted to see sakura petals falling, like I had seen on those tv shows, haha.
Cherry Blossom petals fallen on the ground
I found really cute Liz Lisa (Japanese clothing brand) replica dress & belt, at Pacific Mall, they were kinda expensive, but, I bargained, and I love them so much! I can't wait to wear them!
 Also bought some cute anime character goods, & Japanese snacks, which are almost finished by now =(
I wish I had more time in Toronto, to visit more places & shop! Maybe next time?
Viewed a lovely sunset on the way back home:

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  1. I love this brand "Liz Lisa" so sweet.