31 May 2013

May ♥ Favourites

Harry Potter 1-8 Movies 
I saw a Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour Vlog in Tanyaburr's youtube channel, and it made me miss HP so much, that I watched all the HP movies again in 1 1/2 days, at the end, I felt depressed, missing my childhood and remembering how wonderful the movies were, and still are! I love Emma, Dan & Rupert's chemistry and acting so much, they're so cute together! Wish to see them in a new movie again!

My Darling is a Foreigner
I thought it was a really cute movie, Inoue Mao and Jonathan Sherr were adorable!

Arch Angels

Itazura na Kiss - Love in Tokyo

Last Cinderella


Mayonaka no Panya-san 

Boku to Star no 99 Nichi 

Badalte Rishton Ki Daastan

I became a huge Red bean paste & Matcha lover this month after the trip to Pacific Mall.
Matcha Mochi & Shittori Matcha Green Tea Cookies
Fujiya Look Matcha Red Bean Chocolate
Kitkat Green Tea

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