30 June 2012

Lunch with Friends: Pic Heavy

Today, I had a wonderful lunch with my college friends Jenn & Misty
. Since I'm moving far away, I won't be able to see them often, will miss them!

My friend's lovely home! So vintage, love it!

Chips, croutons, dip, cola 

Mushrooms, baked potatoes, I had a small appetite.

My friends gave me a frame with a cute picture of all the three of us, & a card, awww!!1
Gonna miss them very much! So glad to have them as friends.

6:00pm A lovely breezy day!

Nearly Sunset
Walking back home


  1. That looks liek a really nice day ^^

    I know the feeling of not seeing your college friends so often anymore...moved away 6 months ago after finishing university...but new start means meeting new awesome people :)

    1. Thanks =)
      I know, it's sad but happy, I miss my school days.
      I'm trying to find vintage rose covered socks, but can't =( any ideas?