7 June 2012

BJD Doll Wishlist

Yesterday, I spent my spare time researching for Ball Jointed Asian Dolls, they are getting quite popular, but oh my, they are pretty expensive! After looking through videos, various international doll seller sites, I finally found a US site that would ship without having to worry about Customs and all.

It was hard for me to find dolls that I would invest money in, some of them looked too cute & unrealistic, which I disliked, some posed as if they were pretending. I was giving up but at last I did find three dolls that I am interested in, so take a peek:

No. 1: Maria, by Dika Dolls, 1/4 Height- 43 cm, $275(includes makeup)+Shipping extra
She is No.1 on my Ball-Jointed Doll wishlist as she is so cute! She is the cheapest BJD I could find, she looks so elegant, love at first sight! She has a calm face that I love about her, I love her outfit, unfortunately, they don't sell her outfit & wig with her, (--__--) I can't find her outfit & wig anywhere!
I love how Victorian she looks! The dress whe wears reminds me of the Innocent World Classic Lolita OP.♥
She would look lovely with a pair of eyeglasses and burgundy flats. Trying to save up to buy her

No. 2: Silent Boy by Dika Dolls, 1/3 Height- 62cm, $470 (includes makeup)+Shipping extra
He would look so cute with Maria, & The Dreamin Elf Girl. I love his eyes, and the uniform, so smart and mysterious! "Prince Charming!" He reminds me of Vampire Knight anime. I wish these dolls were cheaper. I'm going to have to work real hard to get one of them.

Limhwa 57cm | Dreaming Half Elf
No. 3: Dreaming Half Elf Girl, by Limhwa, Height: 57cm, $540+Shipping Extra
She looks very enchanting, not sure if I would buy her, too pricey, but I love the elegance inher pictures, it's so magical! (>^-^<)

Thanks for reading
Yen  ♥

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