1 July 2012

Grimoire ♥ Victorian/Vintage Japanese Store

I just found the most lovely Japanese store, I definitely have to visit this store when I go to Japan, one day. I'd probably spend a fortune on this store when I go there!
As soon as I saw their site, (aHeavy black heartHeavy black hearta) Love at First Sight!
Visit Grimoire's Magical Site Here: http://grimoire.jp/
Grimoire from Koji Nishida on Vimeo.

Their Online Store:
I don't think they ship Internationally (¬¬)

Their Shop in Japan 

Their tights are so cute! Quite expensive though
Worth it, they are really nice Victorian prints.
I should probably take real good care of them when I buy them.
I'm quite clumsy ()

So elegant!!!& Victorian!

Their dresses are not really my style, this was the only one I liked:

Thanks for reading!


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