9 February 2012

My Beloved ♥ Accessories

These are some little accessories that are Classic Lolita style, & I ♥ them....I also like to add little things, mix & match my jewelry. Here's a peek of some of my little treasure:
( -- - -- )
I really like the Vintage feel of this pretty Key Necklace, I added the Blue Swarovski heart & pink buteerfly, just think it makes it look adorable, I ♥ wearing it!

 I love these 2 cameo accessories, the top one is a necklace, the bottom one is a brooch, I love Victorian inspired jewelry so much!

 These crosses are lovely, also makes me feel God is always with me.
 Velvet red bow, I decorated it with a little cute key, rose, & sparkly Swarovski crystal.
 Aww..this little hand mirror pendant, makes me feel fantasiesh, Snow White "Mirror Mirror on the Wall..." I attached a little velvet bow & sparkly Swarovski crystal, to make it more adorable!
 Peachy rose ring, it's so cute & Victorian
 Lace Hair Clip, decorated be me, lovely burgundy rose ring....I ♥ roses & lace
 Blue rose hair clip...$1! Was a bargain
 An enamel pocket watch ribbon necklace, its so elegant & fancy
 Hermione Grainger from HP Timeturner Pendant, it's so cute!

 Horcrux Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Necklace

 I love the little white rose inside!
 This is a really cute rose bag, it's dark burgundy in colour, I ♥ it! It was originally $16, so I waited for about a month for it to go on sale at Walmart, just got it yesterday for $8, (>^-^<) 
It's definitely a cute Lolita accessory, so elegant & classic
Patience always gives you the best fruit.

I am feeling a bit better than I was yesterday, my weekend's almost over (--__--)
Time passes by too soon, hopefully I get my next weekend soon!
Hope you're all well