13 June 2016

Liz Lisa Haul: Ankle Boots, Pom Pom Earrings & Strawberry Jam Skirt.

I recently bought a pair of cute ankle boot/wedges from Liz Lisa, I absolutely adore this Japanese fashion brand, it can be pricey, but when they have sales, it's so cheap. These were about $35
They're really comfy, will go with many outfits & I love to style them with lace socks.
I also purchased these adorable pom pom floral earrings, they're adorable! Plus they're clip on earrings. ♥ I love how they look on this Liz Lisa staff
Liz Lisa has recently released their Strawberry Jam series print (ストロベリージャムスカート). I'm in love with the blue version. I was going to wait for it to go on sale, but this print is really popular. I really wanted the dress but it was sold out =( I managed to buy the skirt, a friend of mine, currently living in Japan was very kind in agreeing to shipping it to me. ありがとう! I really need to stop shopping though > <
It may look too childish for me to wear in Canada, Japanese & Canadian clothing styles are very different. Japanese style is more cute in everything, Canadian style is more adult. But I don't really care as to what other people think! I really want to live life the way I want.
I love the way they coordinate it so cutely! I await for it's arrival.
I'm glad I could get it, as I missed out on their Floral Fit Lace Dress, which was very beautiful! I really regret not buying that dress =((
I hope they have a nice Autumn collection too
Thanks for stopping by (>^-^<)
Images' Source: Liz Lisa Online Shop, Blogs


  1. Love the pompom earrings and the shoes :D It's great you got the strawberry jam one too ;) btw I think they have another dress quite similar to the lacy floral one atm that comes in white and navy ;)

    1. Thanks =) You're lucky you got the lacy floral dress (read your blog) I don't like the new one they've got out so I hope they restock > <