24 June 2016

♥Collective Japan Haul: Liz Lisa, Sanrio, Disney and more.

🌸✨Hello Everyone💕🍓
I bought a lot of cute items this month I'd like to write about. I am a shopaholic, but I'm very picky as to what I want. ^__^ The Liz Lisa clothes are so beautiful,
I couldn't help staring at them when they arrived
Although one of my orders got lost/stolen in the mail through Sagawa Express, I was shocked😓 I will try to be more careful next time, use shipping that requires a signature. It's unfortunate how some people can just steal if it is stolen, I don't exactly know what happened but I discussed it with my credit card company, hope I don't have to pay for it. 
I bought a beautiful Lizmelo dress from my friend, Alice chan. It came cutely package with sakura stickers decorated on the bag, and a cute bag of yummy sweets, thank you Alice! The dress looks new, has lovely pink roses on it, I love the detachable bow it comes with, and I especially love the top part around the chest line, & centre, where there are cute bow buttons. I think it will be perfect for autumn/winter, the fabric is thick and I can wear it with a long sleeve blouse.
I'm not just saying this because I'm her friend, but honestly, the dress is in perfect condition & was well kept, shipping was safe & quick, so I'd recommend her shop if you love Liz Lisa, Emiria Wiz, Datura & Japanese fashion. She has a lot of gorgeous rare Liz Lisa prints on sale, do take a look if you'd like:
The Liz Melo dress reminds me of this dress from Liz Lisa 2014 Autumn Collection, but way prettier, and I think it would be cute to wear it over a turtle neck blouse.
I also bought a lot of cute things from Japan, and my friend in Tokyo was kind enough to ship them to me. I usually use Tenso.com for small Japan purchases.
But this time I wanted too many things. It would have costed me a fortune in shopping service fees, so thank you for helping me. I really appreciate it! I don't want to mention her name for privacy reasons, and people may ask her to ship for them too, that would be too much trouble.
She shipped them on 16th June and a big parcel arrived on 23rd June. Very quick ^__^
Thanks for going through the trouble to ship a huge parcel =)
I was really excited to receive this beautiful Liz Lisa Strawberry Jam Skirt in Navy Blue
When this print first came out, I didn't really like it, it looked too sweet for me, but as I saw LLGals wearing it, I came to love it. I was waiting for it to go on sale, as it was so expensive. But the dress version sold out so quickly, that I had to get the skirt ^-^ I don't regret it at all! The print is so beautiful and adorable!
I love the two bows on the top waist line of the skirt, and there's bows, strawberries & flowers all over, it's so detailed, the colours are popping out, I love the gingham check pattern on the bottom, I love navy blue! I am scared to stain it though > < I have to be really careful!
Looking forward to wearing it, I think I have the perfect navy blue blouse to go with it
I made a small Sanrio Japan order, as they has this adorable Cinnamoroll travel print out, I had to get it. They were also having a renewal shop campaign, an award of 500 points, which is 500yen towards your purchase, so I managed to use it to get free shipping.
I got this cute Cinnamoroll passport case , I thought it would be perfect when I'm travelling, taking this cute puppy with me! It also has a spot to hold a pen and card, thought it was convenient and cute! And I got this cute Bon Bon Ribbon Note/Memopad, I love the cute designs on it, and it's a bit glittery. I love cute stationery!
ぼんぼんりぼん 8デザインメモ  and シナモロール パスポートケース(トラベル)

Pictures belong to Sanrio Japan
Next is this adorable Little Twin Stars tshirt. I love the way they're holding those adorable bears and sitting on clouds, the quote on the bottom is so precious.
I thought It would be perfect for room-wear. Very dreamy and cozy
The quality is good, and I like that the pictures aren't stick on type, they're printed right onto the fabric, so they won't easily damage after washing them too much.
From Chocoholic I bought this cute Shell print mirror, I had seen this back in 2014 when I was in Japan in September. I had regretted not buying it, I found it online after 2 years again, so I thought I should get it, It was hard to decide which colour, there was pink, purple, and mint blue. I decided to get the mint blue and it's very beautiful.
It will go well with the sea/mermaid theme that I'm trying to redecorate my room in.
I also purchased this Strawberry Jam Handtowel, I think it will match the skirt from Liz Lisa.
From Disney Japan I got the Little Mermaid bracelet, as you can see, I'm loving mermaid themed things right now. I love the blue glitter on it. It's well made, but really small, cute anyways. I also got the Little Mermaid waterproof stickers to decorate my room.

Disney Japan had a beautiful collab of the Little Mermaid x Angelic Pretty, everything was gorgeous, I love the details on the pink shell. I really wanted this hairbow, but it was 2700yen, I didn't want to pay $30 for a hair bow, so I'm waiting for it to go on sale
I bought two compression socks, my feet are always tired from standing, running around all day at work. --__-- I hope these work, they're called Dr Scholl's Slimwalk. The quality seems good than the ones I've bought on Amazon, and they ripped in a few days =(
Snacks, I love Japanese rice crackers, they're all yummy, my sister loves them too =)
I thank my friend for being so kind, helping me get these things, they make me happy. hugs ^__^
Thanks for reading,
Yen Chan


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  2. I'm so sorry about your lost, I'm surprised, really, cause Sagawa is like this reputable courier service in Japan? The skirt is really adorbs and omg the little mermaid merchandise that you've gotten is so pretty. I'm trying to redecorate my room as well but I've no idea where to get deco items for my room. Any ideas? Feel free to drop me a long list of stores with cute deco XD Oh and if you're looking for cheaper services I recommend JPN Depot (200¥ per box, inspect & photo service) or Tenso Japan (use their service only when there's a campaign going on).