1 November 2012

October Favourites ( ♥-♥ ) Pic Heavy!

   Hi everyone! Here are many of my favourites of last month:
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Japanese Dramas
Orthros no Inu
I have been watching many Japanese dramas lately, North American shows are not for me, they're too vulgar, and negative in my opinion. Last month it was mostly dramas starring
Nishikido Ryo & Takizawa Hideaki, they're so brilliant and cute!! I love them so much! I should stop watching their dramas for sometime, as they are singers, and don't film often, won't have anything of them to watch!
This drama is about two guys one has the power to kill anyone with a touch, the other can heal anyone with a touch, mystery and human drama, it has both Ryo & Tackey, they my favourite actors!!! It was so psychological and dramatic, I loved every minute! The laughs, the tears, the twisted, mysterious story-line, and the chemistry between them, made the show even better! I hope they make a sequel!
If you're looking for a warm fuzzy feeling - mystery drama, then this is a must watch!
Also, the way they both argued was too kawaii! Their interviews are so cute! Watch HERE.
Majo no Jouken 
This drama is about the forbidden true love between a female teacher and a male student, 
how society's rules divide them, and how their love is tested. 
It's so romantic and sad, I definitely recommend it! The acting is lovely!
Takizawa Hideaki is so cute!!!                           
Last Friends 
A drama about relationships between a possessive boyfriend and a girl striving hard to make him happy.
Nishikido Ryo, from 1 Litre Tears!!! His acting is brilliant, the more devilish  his character gets,
the cuter he gets!!! It's sad!! --__-- He quit acting for music!!!
 I recommend this drama very much, it shows the reality, complexity of relations, nowadays.
Zenkai Girl
Romantic Comedy, about an ambitious aprrentice lawyer, and a cook, how their thoughts are very different and how they fall for each other (^-^ ) Ryo kun is so cute here!!
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  Nishikido Ryo, he's so cute!! talented & handsome, his eyes are the best feature!!!!
Loving him since I watched 1 Litre of Tears
               Orthos no Inu OST - Mercy                                                  
                                                               Takizawa Hideaki - Ai Kakumei
                                                                Kanjani8 - Taiyou no Namida

Hikari Hitotsu (One Light) – Takizawa Hideaki
I love his voice, and the lyrics are lovely! I love his vocals!! He's so talented & handsome!

I finally found ingredients to make onigiri, I was quite nervous while making it for the first time, I was so surprised by the semi sweet sea taste, had it with General Tao chicken sauce, yumm!. 

After watching Zenkai Girl, where the girl makes a cute bento, I tried to make onigiri faces, was so cute & so much fun! The only thing I disliked was the chewiness of sushi nori, I do want to try and make more Japanese dishes. 
Random Things

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Great october favourites <3 I might "steal" the idea of monthly favourites ;) I think it is a great way of getting and giving inspiration :)


    1. =) go ahead, would love to see your favourites!