17 September 2012

Updated Room ( ♥-♥ ) Pic Heavy!

 Since, I decided to stay in Canada, not to move to US, I decided my room needed a re-decor.
Last week I found a lovely golden paint colour at my local arts and crafts store, I had always wanted to paint my room gold, so I decided to paint the edges of my windows and door gold, I think it looks very Victorian/Gothic, I'm in love with it! I am inspired by Victorian Europe so much!
I was feeling depressed so, I just decorated my room a few days ago,
I like Victorian decor for my room, makes me feel happy (^-^ )
 I have been wanting a cute birdcage for a long time, I'll soon be decorating it with vines and roses.
 I just find cherubs so adorable! I made the little purple flower hedge around that cherub, below:
A lovely Flower Fairy and a Union Jack Pencil Case

 Cute Storage Boxes!
Cherub Music Box 
London Cushion on my chair

Dollfie Picture & Autumn Calendar
Bookshelf under the desk
 I love roses! Ever since I watched Vampire Knight, and liked Jp Lolita fashion
 A cute working street lamp from Christmas time, and a cute doll cup/saucer, thrift store/charity shop.
A lovely rose teacup for a warm cup of tea, to cozy up during winter!

 Teddy & Poppy the Panda, Adorable Plushies!!!!
Umi the teacher, got him on Easter few years ago, adorable!

Now, all I need is a cute Victorian Clock with Roman numbers on it
If I had to move to a city in the future, fo a job, I would definitely miss my room!
I hope to visit Europe & Japan soon!
Thanks for reading

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