29 September 2012

September Favourites ( ♥-♥ ) Pic Heavy!

My September Monthly Favourites ( ♥-♥ )

Cashew Barfi (Indian Sweet)
Mildly sweet, with a light cashew taste. yummy!
Yummy Treat
Crawford's Bourbon Biscuits
I used to have them as a kid, I just found them this week, at a local candy store, they bring back so many lovely childhood memories! I must resist, they're so yummy!! Too bad for health, though (--__--)

Mori Girl: I love the light floral accessories, wigs and elegant lace chiffon dresses! So fairy-like!

Ruffle/Lace Socks over Tights

1 Litre of Tears
I have to say, it was the most touching drama, made me cry each scene. I finished watching 1 Litre of Tears, it was so sad, the acting was so good, made me cry so many times =___=
It does teach us that we shouldn't take life for granted, and cherish every moment and our loved ones around us > <
My favourite character was Asou-kun, he was so cute & caring!!!!!!
I loved how he stalked her, in a caring way, and tried to cheer her up!
I liked his unconditional his love for her.  --__-- !  Made me cry so much!!! Diseases, dissappear!

Sengyou Shufu Tantei ~Watashi wa Shadow
A complicated romance between a clingy housewife, and an ignoring husband.
 She becomes a detective, and soon discovers herself, and achieves the love from her husband.
I would highly reccomend watching this drama as it's hilarious, emotional and romantic.
Peter Pan (2003)
Watching this movie, made me realize how important childhood and imagination is.
I wish I could be Peter Pan forever, but everything changes, we all grow up.
I loved the chemistry between Peter & Wendy in this movie.
Here are some of my favourite scenes from this lovely movie:

“If this is you in bed, what is this?” “A boy”

I think I was obsessed with Peter Pan theme last month, it just seemed so magical!
I can't wait for the new Tinkerbell movie to come out soon!

Hana Yori Dango Movie
Cheesy, but loved the romantic parts! So much better than Boys Over Flowers, stupid K-version!

Peter Pan (2003) Soundtrack 

Arashi: One Love

Versailles (Jp Band)
I like the Victorian theme in their videos, I like some of their music.
Not the ones where they simply play guitar and yell, hehe!
Not to mention, he looks extremely cute!
Home Decor
 Gold Paint
Image sources: www.tokyofashion,com

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