28 August 2012

My Monthly Favourites, August ( ♥-♥ ) Pic Heavy!

My August Monthly Favourites ( ♥-♥ )
Home Decor
Printed Storage Boxes

Rose Teacup & Saucer

My Room's Curtain, Roses & Vines


Fairies, Union Jack, Peach Coloured Roses

Gothic Roses

London Cushion 
Yummy Treats after hard work at my job.
Coconut Macaroons
Ferrero Rocher Collection
Shitake Mushroons + Kimchi Yum!!!
Good for the digestive system:
Soy Nuts
Activia Probiotic Yogurt
Wasabi Peas
PC Moroccan Mint Green Tea
PC Moroccan-Style Mint Green Tea
PC Mint Chocolate Ice cream
I love sour things. Savoury additions to my meals:
S&F Chili Garlic Sauce
Mango Pickle
Mei Sama no Shitsuji
I love this show, the butler, Rihito, Hiro Mizushima, is so cute!!! The chemisty and plot is so romantic!!! I love Japanese Dramas, that have a ton of romance! His eyes are so dreamy!!
Unfortunately, he quit acting to become a writer (--__--) So I'm trying to watch all of his shows before they dissappear from the internet. I don't know why I didn't discover this drama before, I love dramas with boarding school romance.
Teri Meri Love Stories Episode 2
Basically, it's an Indian telelfilm about couples & their love stories, this was the only episode I liked so far, I liked the plot of this episode, it showed lost love, hope, guilt, and how we should deal with it.
Sab Mera Tu: Teri Meri Love Stories

Bubzbeauty's cute puppy!!


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