16 August 2012

Japan Shopping Wishlist

Hi everyone,
When I go to Japan, hopefully, soon, I hope to buy some stuff like these:
P.S Took me half a day to put this together, computer kept freezing, grr
But, looking at it makes me happy  (^-^ _) Reminds mee to save lots of money & Pack suitcases wisely, lol
 I love chiffon and florals, especially roses, unfortunately American style isn't as cute as Japanese style, so I find it hard to get cute clothes. Very picky, lol. Japan will surely be heaven for me.

I haven't been able to find elegant & kawaii coats like these in my hometown, since I'm petite, I tryy and buy what would actually fit me, so online shopping is X really want a cute coat!

I have been loving burgundy, beige, navy, baby pink, baby blue, since forever, it's just so kawaii!!!!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Such cute things! I'm really looking forward to shopping in Japan! I can imagine it is my dream place to shop too! I hope you can go to Japan soon Yen!
    Lots of Love~ <3

    1. Thanks Alice, > < sorry for the late reply, didn't see your comment.
      I love almost everything about Japan!
      Hope you're having tons of fun in Japan, wish I were there with you.
      Love always