25 October 2014

Current Favourite Snacks

Yummy Matcha Custard Mochi that I picked up from "Jouvencelle Oike Kyoto" at Kyoto station during my Japan trip. It's the most delicious mochi, not too sweet and not too bitter,soft and yummy! I stromgly recommend trying it
I miss the yummy Sweet Potato Cake {スイートポテトケーキ} & Mango Shake from "Caffe Veloce"{カフェ・ベローチェin Meguro, when I stayed at Hotel Mid-in Meguro Ekimae in Tokyo. I can't find any sweet potato cake where I live, I guess sweet potato is not so popular in Canada =( The sweet potato cake was so good! I hope to go back to Japan soon, I really miss being there!

Second favourite is "Royce Matcha Almond Chocolate." It's not too sweet and has a pleasant matcha taste,yummy! Could crunch them all day.  
I picked them up at Haneda Airport before leaving Japan =(
My another favourite snack is "Nori Senbei" from 711 convenience store in Japan, it's salty and I am a big fan of seaweed, it's a yummy snack!
I should've bought more snacks when I was in Japan, they were all so yummy that I finished them in one week!
Thanks for reading! I miss Japan so much! {>__<}

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