1 January 2014

Liz Lisa Inspired Haul- Taobao, Pruany Review

Hello everyone! I wish you all a Happy New Year!
I purchased many Liz Lisa things recently!
I  purchased Liz Lisa X My Melody Special Collection 2013-2014 Magazine, with free a Bag from Yesasia a while ago. The print on the bag is adorable, I am scared to ruin it! I love the lovely coordinates in the magazine. Reina Triendl looks adorable on the front cover!
 I then purchased some Liz Lisa replica clothes from taobao. I love Liz Lisa, it's a really cute Japanese fashion brand, they have really cute lace and floral clothing. I browsed Taobao for 4 weeks or so, to find the perfect Liz Lisa replica clothes that I would actually wear, not treasure them in a suitcase for an occasion. I also bought two Classic Lolita inspired clothes. I researched and chose Pruany as my shopping service, cause their service charges were cheaper, and I heard good things about them.
Click on Picture for Item Link in Taobao

28th November -Ordered 5 products
29th November:  products were bought for me through an agent.
30th November: Added new product, birdcage skirt, was out of stock, got a refund =(
3rd December: Goods arrived in their warehouse
8th December: Added another dress, was ordered same day
15th December: Requested Weight/ Shipping Cost
17th December: Got shipping cost, paid $25 for SAL Shipping
18th December: They shipped it to me
28th December: Received my package.
My package arrived in 10 days, I thought it would take longer, but it came fast. Upon my request, they marked down the price on the customs sheet, so I wasn't slammed with customs charge. 
The packaging was good, nothing was damaged, but I hated that the box was fully taped and it was hard to open it. Everything was so pretty, like a dream, a late Christmas present. 

Everything fits me perfectly! So happy, a petite girl like me has trouble finding cute clothes in Canada =( This is my favourite purchase, it's a Floral peplum top that Reina was wearing in the a Liz Lisa My Melody 2012 collab magazineIt's very complimenting to my petite body, I love how it gives me a feminine yet smart look!  The quality is amazing too!
LIZ LISA My Melody (学研ムック)
The upclose details of this top, absolutely amazing! I love the corset style here!
Next is an offbrand mori girl blouse, I love it's amazing quality and it's very comfortable for casual wear.
I also got a replica dress of the Liz Lisa Spring 2011 collection. 
The quality and design of this dress blew me away! It's perfect for spring!

 Liz lisa dress spring 2011
This is a Liz Lisa winter dress replica, it's fabric is warm and cozy, 
I'm afraid of ruining it by spilling stuff on it.
The next blouse, the quality is amazing, but it's not exactly my style, 
I might end up selling it if it doesn't suit me,
 Overall, I was happy with my purchases, I will order from Taobao & Pruany again. 
I recommend using them, you can get Liz Lisa replica clothing for an affordable price.
  The My Melody x Liz Lisa bag  will coordinate perfectly with these clothes, it's time for me to shut my credit card for a while after these purchases, no more shopping, New Year's Resolution!
Thanks for reading


  1. Awesome hauls! I love Liz Lisa too, they always have pretty prints and designs which would end up making me drool over them, lol. If you don't mind me asking, which Taobao shop did you order the Liz Lisa 2011 dress from as I've been searching for a Taobao shop that sells decent quality of that dress. :)

    Thanks very much!

    1. Ahh I just saw the link you posted. Silly me for skipping that bit. :p

  2. Gorgeous haul Yen! ^ ^ So many cute clothes!! Even if they are replicas, you can feel like a Liz Lisa girl in them and look so adorable! <3

  3. It's so sweet!!! I love your clothes *.*

    I tried to sign up to Taobao but they want me to give a Chinese phone number, how did you do?

  4. You have to use an agent to order through Taobao, such as Pruany, Taobaoring etc.