3 February 2013

January Favourites

Japanese Dramas
Code Blue
I usually dislike medical dramas, but this is cute I love the chemistry between Aizawa & Shirashi.
I wish they had more scenes of them --__-- Yamapi's dramas always dissappoint me, they're not as romantic as I thought they would be. Yamapi's acting is not as good as Ryo's. I wish Ryo was a doctor in a drama someday, he's perfect!

Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata~Ending Planner
A very funny & heart warming drama, with bits of romance.

Funny detective drama, Yamapi is so funny here! Would say, his acting has improved a lot here.
Kamisama, Mou Sukoshi Dake
Very romantic and sad, a must watch!
First Kiss

So cute and funny! I wish there was more romance in it!
Nobuta wo Produce
Funny, cute & cuddly tyrpe of drama
Sore wa Totsuzen Arashi no you ni
So so, not as good, but cute & romantic!

Proposal Daisakusen
Kind of annoying, romantic and cute drama.
Satomi Hakkenden
I liked how fantasized it was, feudal Japan, ahh, so dreamy and Tackey's acting was the best!
Yamapi- Love Chase, Ero 2012, Ai Texas, Unusual

Diaura - Kesshou

Sore wa Totsuzen Arashi no you ni OP
Hiro no Kakera OP
Kyaru Pamyu- PonPonPon
[PVフル] Perfume「スパイス」 2011年11月2日リリース!
Umineko no Naku Koro ni OP

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