19 January 2013

Haul from Japan

Hello everyone, I am so excited to share a collective Japan Haul!! I was longing to go to Japan, but I have to save up for it. But, I did get a chance to shop there, my lovely friend in Japan, was so kind, she helped me shop a lot, she even shopped in store for me & shipped everything to me, to save money. She also sent me gifts & a cute letter, reading it made me so happy. Arigatou! I love everything, it took a while to choose and shop, but it was worth waiting!!
Shipping only took a week, she shipped it on 7th Jan, it arrived on 14th Jan,
I was so I was happy to receive them quickly!!
I felt so excited, like opening presents.

Happy to see cute letter, Christmas/birthday gifts, & Japanese shopping bags!
Here are the lovely items I bought:
 Stationery (forgot to include picture of Mamegoma folder) My Melody Hankerchief, (Free Sanrio Calendar, Bag Pin, Ornaments, Pouch, Sticker) Fluffy Beige Bunny Brooch from Paris Kids Harajuku, Cinamonroll Lunchbox & Chopsticks, Good luck charm-Omamori from Shrine, Nagoya, Unique Angel Tattoo Tights from Tutuanna Adorable Ruffle Lace Socks, Lovely Mori Girl Dress from Nashare Rakuten.
Angel Tights & Dress details: These tights are so Victorian, I love them, can't wait to wear them!
The dress is gorgeous, these pictures do it no justice! It's so delicate, & I love the colour & lace!

Everything is so lovely!

I can't wait to visit Japan someday, shopping heaven, & lovely sights!
Must save up and ban shopping! 

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  1. cute haul you have there!

    im following you now ~