3 December 2012

Day Trip to Chinatown

Yesterday, I went on a day trip to Toronto with my dad. My first Via Rail, train trip in Canada, I liked it better than the bus, it was cleaner, more customer friendly, free Wi-fi and faster. It was a very gloomy rainy day. I was glad it wasn't sunny, the sun burns my eyes, and I dislike humidity! 
 We passed through lovely forests, parks, streams, hilly areas, I wish I could jump to visit them for a bit!
Views from the train: 
When we arrived at Union Station, in Toronto, I saw that the weather was extremely foggy, but the fog that covered the towering buildings looked so nostalgic, sadly, I didn't take any pictures, so I googled them, hehe
Went to Dragon Pearl restaurant, to celebrate my cousin brother's 1st b'day party.

Cute restaurant and clock on the way to the restaurant.

These pictures are from google, I felt strange to take pictures while a crowd stared at me. As it was a buffet style, and very crowded, was hard for me to choose, too many people make me nervous (--__--)

I just had some sesame chicken, vegetable noodles, avocado, sushi, tuna rolls, green tea cake, mango cake (they were too sweet, could't fully eat the desserts) I tried to eat fast so we could have more shopping time.
The waitress was extremely helpful and the washrooms were well maintained. I just disliked how the decorations, the chairs, groups of people were cramped together.
I don't know why, but a guy in the gathering kept staring at me, I was thinking if there was something on my face? 
Then, we took the subway and streetcar to Spadina, Dragon City Mall, Chinatown. CN Tower looked lovely, covered in the fog. I went to three shops only, (--__--) It was hard to choose, I looked for things that were cheap and that I would actually treasure. We passed Eaton Centre for a washroom break, the washroom had a queue of people which I thought was ridiculous, why couldn't they build more washrooms! Even though the mall was huge, washrooms were scarce. People staring at you as you get out of a stall, not comfortable. Some Christmas decor at the Eaton centre:
 I went to see if there was something I liked in H&M, wanted to see the SALE section, unfortunately, my dad decided to go to the train station very early, 2 1/2 hr early! Which I thought was unwise, I couldn't get my shopping done properly, I fell frustrated, and fell asleep on the train.
Purchases of the day, I wish I had more time to shop, my dad was rushing too much ( > < ) It felt like my trip was wasted! I had gotten overexcited for nothing, I wish he would have waited so I could go to another mall, really wanted some asian style clothes! I wish my parents would let me travel alone someday! 
May May Accessory: Rabbit Purse Rainbow Gifts: Cute Girl Notebook, My Melody glitter purple socks. I hope to move to Toronto in the future, there are so many different cultures you can experience in one city! Not to mention China and Japantown!
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