19 November 2010


The Apocalypse, do I think that it will occur, well, Yes and No.

I am not that superstitious but all I can say is that the beahviour of humans is signifying the end of our world.

US-Iraq war, what was it started for? OIL!! Stupid fight, I cannot believe people are fighting for oil. US is just manipulating everything, it always does. It just thinks that it can be the only country in power. You know, the US Dollar is not the same value as the Canadian one. One day a US guy came to Canada and filled up gas in his car, he paid less US dollars to the cashier, and said that US Dollar is above Canadian, haha Mr. Dumbo, you're mistaken. And what is with ELF Makeup Products selling at $8.99 at Zellers and $1.99 at Target US??

Chicago air travel is the worst, wow look at the employees, they're so warm that you would always want to come and visit, awww, yeah right! rude, arrogant, people, they're so hard to be "friendly taking" with. grrr hate it!. I swear, I will never go to US again!

The Discovery Channel documentaries on Apocalypse scare me, the only thing I can hope for is that we restore peace. and US should stop acting like a BRAT!

Armageddon- humankind's last battle in the Middle East, why? and by who? I think US.

Yep, they start everything.

Oh my goodness I cannot beleive how arrogant they can get. Well, this is my personal opinion.

Go Canada!

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